Great Black-backed Gull L. marinus

Angry-looking adult, VAM rubbish-dump 19 December 1999. Note the yellowish tinge in the legcolour, which some birds seem to have in winter


VAM rubbish-dump, 19 December 1999. Could this be a 4th winter?


2nd winter. VAM rubbish-dump 19 December 1999


1st summer/2nd winter. Lauwersoog, Groningen 24 August 1999


1st winter. VAM rubbish-dump, 19 December 1999. A rather small individual (probably female), just a bit larger than the surrounding Herring Gulls. Note the typical warm toned 1st winter scapulars


Juvenile. Eemshaven Groningen, 28 August 1999


Rudy Offereins

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