Caspian Gull L. cachinnans

 This first-winter Caspian Gull was photographed on 26th February 2000 on the VAM rubbish tip near Wijster in the Netherlands.


 This bird shows a rather dark wingcoverts and boldly marked scapulars, contrasting with its white head and underparts.










 In full flight the underwing of this bird look rather dark as a result of the bold markings on the tips of the underwing coverts. Compare this picture to the one below, which shows the bird in a less active posture. It seems very likely that a more darker-toned 1st winter like this one can also show a more heavily marked underwing.











 Note that the underwing is in fact pale and that the darker tones are caused by the bold tips of the underwingcoverts. In Yellow-legged Gull the underwingcoverts are usually much darker toned. The axillaries, however, are unusually heavily marked for CG, but this doesn't stand in the way of its identification.










 The upperwing is typical for CG. Note the pale-tipped greater coverts and the 'venetian blinds' wingpanel.









In flight the tailband of this individual is typical but broader than one would expect with more black marking on the uppertail. The fine barring on the outer tailfeathers seem typical for Caspian Gull









Rudy Offereins

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