Caspian Gull Larus cachinnans

This juvenile Caspian Gull was photographed by Brian Small at Southwold, Suffolk, UK on 28th August 2001


This bird nicely demonstrates some typical features of juvenile/1st winter CG. The underwing is pale indeed with only some darker tips to the feathers. The firm dark band in the (lower) lesser underwingcoverts seems typical for CG in this age and even the palest bird show a hint of this (see the 1st winter in this page and the juv-1st winter in this page -bottom picture). The undertail coverts do not show any baring but merely sparsely rounded dots or chevrons. Note the dark smudge on its belly near the 'thigh', a nice feature for CG but not present on every juvenile/1st winter. The head is already strikingly pale.










In flight (here with two Lesser Black-backed Gulls L. graellsii left) the striking 'Venetian Blind' wingpanel is visible. This is caused by the dark outer web and pale inner web of the inner primaries. The tail has a firm black band with typical fine black baring above the tailband in the outer tailfeathers.











Rudy Offereins

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