Greater Black-backed Gull L. marinus


Adult, VAM rubbish-dump Wijster, the Netherlands, 23 January 2000


Probable 4th winter. VAM rubbish-dump, 23 January 2000. Note the pale bill and the brown wash on the wingcoverts


2nd or 3rd winter. VAM rubbish-dump, 15 January 2000. Although the back has quite a few adult-type feathers, the tailband is still mostly black, indicating 2nd winter


2nd winter. VAM rubbish-dump, 19 December 1999. An individual with a rather streaked head and a pale iris. In most 2nd winter birds the head is pure white and the iris is black


1st winter. VAM rubbish-dump, 23 January 2000. Ringed as a chick with blue JD40 on 25 June 1999 at Teroy, Norway 58.03 N, 06.56 E Seen at the VAM rubbish-dump on 19 December 1999, 23 January 2000 and 12 February 2000


Rudy Offereins

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