Yellow-legged Gull L. michahellis

Two first-summer birds, photographed near Wijster in the Netherlands.


July 22nd 2000

This bird shows the long legs and neck and the black stubby bill, typical for YLG. The overall appearance of this bird is highly contrasting, with creamy-white feathers with a coarse black marking (double anchor on its scapulars). It has already moulted all its visible body feathers and is therefore very neat-looking compared to the 'untidy' 1st summer Herring Gull on the left, which is just moulting its upper scapulars. The new tertials of the YLG are blackish and pale-tipped. Some grey adult-like scapulars can be seen on this bird.







August 12th 2000

This less contrasting and therefore tricky bird however shows the long legs and wings and the dark, pale-tipped tertials typical of YLG. The scapulars and coverts look rather neat with a hint of some adult-like feathers on its back.







Rudy Offereins & Rik Winters

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